Unividia Video Productions Is A Great Choice For All Your Video Needs

Unividia Video productions

While we were scouting for great companies in Greece Thessaloniki to accomplish are new projects, we met with the owner of Unividia video productions.

Chris was a very smart business owner, with huge knowledge about video productions and media distribution. We talked with him for hours and hours for our new strategies and marketing plans for the upcoming projects. Chris reassured us that his company, could create strong media with smart distribution over the internet, so we could achieve our goals. we began briefing everything we needed and the project started.

The expert team of unividia video productions, developed some amazing ideas for our new brand building and commercial products. Some strong and smart concepts with a combination of a good written scripts, was great start for the whole process.

We scouted ten different video shooting locations, for a week so finally we had a plan about the cameramen crew, the lighting gear and all the other professionals we needed for the project. Immediately unividia team started to work on casting actors, communicate with the entire crew and planning the video project schedule.

Soon the video shooting started and our first corporate video was in the middle of the process. Unividia video productions was shooting almost continuously for 5 days, with an extremely professional crew in our location like:

  • Script writer
  • Director
  • Cameramen
  • Director of photography
  • Electrician
  • Gaffer
  • Wardrobe stylist
  • Hairdresser
  • Makeup artist
  • Sound engineer
  • many assistants

and many more other professionals that worked really hard those difficult days.

When shooting of our corporate video has finished, then was time for the post production stage of the process. The expert team of Unividia video productions, did an amazing job on video editing our footage. Adding great motion graphics for the titles and some visual effects when needed. The final composition with color correction, color grading, sound mixing and 3d animation was the stage that we couldn’t believe that all this was actually happening.

Our amazing corporate video, was ready for distribution to follow our marketing strategy. The expert of social media and distribution in unividia, suggested some great advertising plans that our video could be distributed the best, for conversions and sales.

After two weeks, the entire project of video production and media distribution was finished. The results were astounding, our sales started to grow like never before. Lots of people were buying our product and our brand name was stronger than ever.

Finally, we thanked unividia video productions and its owner chris and we planned a meeting for a new project we had which is a promotional spot, for a different company that we own. We are sure that the new video production project, for our promotional video will be impressive as before.

We trust Unividia video productions and we will keep working with them. It is a team of very talented people with great ideas and strong will for the best results.

Paul McCain CEO